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Dear Future Husband (Witcho’ fiiiiine and sexy self),

Today is Valentine’s Day … And although we honor each other every day, today is about to be the best day you’ve had in a long tiiiiiiime. Today is the day that I decided to put ministry down for a minute, turn off the phone and email, put the needs of our multi-million dollar business to the side and not work the product line and book tour. Naw babe. We off dat’ today. Today is the day that I honor you for coming into my life at a time I least expected. You truly love God and because of that you love ME with all of your heart and soul. And did I mention how fine you are? You show me daily that I’m more than enough and you honor and protect me in ways I never knew existed. You make this “second time around” worth it. You are amazing. And fine. And simply amazing. And like really really FINE! Let’s do this … Forever.


I‘ll be “Victory” again tomorrow
Oh hush it’s my diary! Lol. Chile you gotta’ speak those things that are not as though they arrrrrrre lol! Welcome to my brain at 2:34am. Lol. I’m up having a good tiiiiime lol ‪#‎MyNameIsVictory‬ ‪#‎WifeDiaries‬

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