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My husband really impressed me last weekend. You see, last week was our sons birthday and my husband insisted that I let him plan the party on his own. I was a little nervous because he’s not really great at planning anything without my assistance. The guy is just getting comfortable taking our kids to the doctor by himself and filling out their paperwork (he said that our 9 year old helped him fill it out the last time, lol). With a little resistance, I finally gave in and let him go for it.

On the day of the party, it was so cute seeing him running around to pick up the cake, party bags, and preparing. It was at a skating rink and he had a basketball theme for our son. (I know girl, he had a theme and all and it was consistent. I was shocked too). A ton of kids showed up. So many that my husband needed a shot of tequila when he got home after paying the bill, but it was well worth it. Our son had an amazing time.

The moral of the story is, us mommy/wives don’t have to do EVERYTHING for the kids. When our husbands or family members offer to help, we need to start saying yes (if you are a control freak like me, yes is hard to say). Saying yes to my husband and not interfering in the planning was a load off of my shoulders. I was already running around all weekend with our girls with dance and photoshoots, so my cape was getting a bit worn. But he has a cape too. So I’m glad I let him put it on. Oh how I love him so. ‪#‎WifeDiaries‬

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