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So, this years #JohnsonDay was a family affair, literally! We had a ball! My little brother and cousin were our photographers. Our family friend was the photography assistant. Another cousin was our social media manager. She took all of the behind the scenes photos and videos for Instagram/Snap Chat. My little sister was the production assistant. (You may see her holding on to a document in some photos. That’s the Shot List that I, the director, created). My uncle was our host, and my aunt was the culinary team who fed us well when the shoot wrapped. Needless to say, I am a hot mess and put a TON of detail into these pictures. LOL. Because of all of the love that went into this project, I also included some behind the scenes and blooper photos.

I was a little behind this year coordinating. I drove my friends crazy venting about trying to put stuff together last minute. But I am happy that we pulled it off. This is literally my favorite day of the year! I am so thankful for family and friends who get just as excited about it as I do. Shout out to my husband and the Johnson kids who let me be great and go with the flow. LOL. Enjoy! #familytradition #HappyHolidays #wifediaries

Photographers: Kia Alston and Hunnit Geez Geezup

Makeup: Amber Myers

Hair: Shannon Reneè Riley

Balloons: Etsy @lolasconfettishop

Shanae’s Top: Etsy @cougarvintage

Other Clothing: H&M, Banana Republic, Amazon, Timberland, Aldo, JC Penny, Target, Primark

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