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As you know, Scott and I recently celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary in Cancun, Mexico. While planning the trip, I decided to research local photographers to capture some memories for us. Thanks to Google, I came across Monica Lopez Photography

We needed this vacation so bad! Our hectic schedules and children were taking over our marriage and we just needed a break. Being in Cancun gave us the re-connection that we were yearning for. We had so much fun that we barely have and pictures in our phones. Can you believe it?! We actually sat our phones down. However, the shoot we did with Monica are all the photos that we need. I shared with her that I am not a big fan of our original wedding photography, and she was able to recreate our day in an hour shoot. I am still blown away by the pictures. OMG! They are truly amazing! I wish we could hire Monica for all of our photography needs. She is THE BEST! We had so much fun. It was one of the highlights of our vacation. I am so glad that I connected with her. Thanks Google!

If you are ever in Cancun, I highly recommend booking Monica for your photography needs. 

SN: So many people were telling us about that “7 year itch” thing saying that Scott and I were going to be sick of each other and the whole bit. But we don’t receive that. Sure we get on each others nerves from time to time, but ain’t nothing gonna break us a part. We are in this for the long run. Why would anyone even make that comment to us anyway?! Rhymes with later… I know right. #TeamJohnson

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