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The phrase “Relationship Goals” has been used extremely loosely on social media (almost as much as the word “LOVE” in life). People are quick to ‪#‎RelationshipGoals‬ on photos of smiling couples. However, they don’t know what went into the getting those smiles. I get it, you see a cute couple, perhaps a celebrity couple that always looks happy; so since you admire their happiness, you say things like you aspire to have love like that one day or you hope your marriage could be like theirs. But is that the relationship goal? Is the goal to be happy or is the goal to have someone elses happiness? Let me make it plain.

Mr. Johnson and I have a beautiful marriage. It has its ups and downs but all in all, its pretty dope. However, when people #relationshipgoals us, although its flattering, it kind of makes you wonder if they really understand how we make this thing work. Like would they be willing to swallow the 15 years of stuff that went into making our relationship as strong as it is? Or would they hear one of our stories and say “I could never…”.

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Often times we are surprised by the couples we look up too. Especially celebrities. We judge our love for them based off of pictures without knowing the true true. I’m not naming any names, but we raised our eyebrows recently about an admirable couple who, turns out, had an open marriage; and another even had kids on the side. That’s not me judging because that works for them, which is totally my point. You have to be careful what you wish for. Its ok to wish for marriage and happiness, but not “like theirs”. You can’t just go around claiming everything. Words have power you know. That’s Vision Board 101. (Don’t put Idris on your board cuz he ain’t knocking at your door. LOL)

Every marriage is different, and of course I have ones that inspire me. I have friends in my head like Aisha and Steph just like everyone else. I’m just saying that my #RelationshipGoals are my own. ‪#‎WifeDiaries‬

Am I looking to deep into this phrase? Whats your take?

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